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Credits: Backyard Monsters is a Facebook game developed by Casual Collective

Backyard Monsters is a popular and fast growing new Facebook game of the ‘tower defense’ genre, taking a genre that has been made popular by Desktop Tower Defense, and building upon it to make a much more in depth, yet still easy-to-play and very addicting game.

Backyard Monsters is a game that really works, though, because it boils an often-complicated genre down to its simplest, most fun basics. You begin by building a little town for your monsters, trying to design it so that essential buildings are protected by defensive turrets. There are four types of essential resource to produce, a town hall, facilities for making your own monster army, and storage buildings you need to hold all of our building materials. If you design your town correctly, your defenses will cut invading monsters to piece before they can do much damage. If you mess up, then your buildings get damaged and you can lose resources.


Moving buildings around is easy enough, thanks in large part to how smoothly the game runs. Most Facebook games with graphics that are complicated at all experience intermittent problems with lag and disconnects, but Backyard Monsters always worked smoothly during the test period. The game does disconnect you after you’ve idled for too long, which may be how the server stays so stable and avoids problems like memory leaks. You’ll be able to do a lot of experimenting with your town’s layout, all of it largely headache-free.

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