Combat Arms Hack Xipher CA NA Public v1.6 [ Simple | Fast ]

Xipher Public Hacks bring hacking to a totally new platform. Innovative, simple and fast is the motto.
One of the smoothest and best hacks you will ever use.

Tested and Working on Windows 7 64, Windows Vista 32 and Windows XP 32.
Features are shown in the menu.

What’s new in version 1.6?
- Added 2 extra D3D Crosshairs (You now have Red / Green / Blue)
- Added Speed Glitcher (Run super fast and glitch into things you normally shouldn’t be able to!)

How to use:
Download the .RAR and then extract it, then just download any injector and inject into Combat Arms. When the game opens you should be prompted with a dialog box, click OK then you will go in game. Once you are in game the menu will auto-appear. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Use the insert key to show/hide the menu.

Virus Scan!

PerX injector included!

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