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CA Simple v1.3
(Not so simple anymore)

This may be the biggest update to my simple series I have done yet, I hope you enjoy the new features I implemented. They include Texture Chams, Tool Tips (Displays the description of the hacks), more ESP options, and many cham options (I love chams). There are some things I kept the same however, such as the crisp menu and the always original music player, that has now become popular among hack features. Well, you shouldn’t read too much of this, you have some serious legit hacking to do!



Engine Chams


DIP Chams (100 possible combinations)

Texture Chams (100 possible combinations)

Ghost Chams


ESP Health

ESP Boxes

ESP Lines

ESP Names

No Spread

Tool Tips

Move Menu

Music Player (Up to 10 songs)

Information on how to use the Music Player:

1. The music player will only work on C:\ drives at the moment

2. It is located at C:\Music folder when you inject the hack

3. Add your songs into the folder

4. It only supports .wav files

5. A maximum of 10 songs may be in the folder at once, any others will not load

6. You MUST rename your songs in the folder like so: “song1″, “song2″, “song3″, etc. Song1 would show as “1″ when you activate the Music Player.

7. There is a readme file inside the .rar file attached, which explains all of this.

8. An example of what the songs should look like in the folder is located here.

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