Crossfire Hacks – CFNA Hack Download


  • WallHack
  • NoDamageZone
  • NoKnockBack
  • Infinate WeaponRange(only guns)
  • NoGrenadeDmg
  • FastKill 10% more dmg(only for M16 and M4A1)
  • NoFlash
  • FastKnife
  • 360 Knife
  • OHK knife(works for every mode)
  • LongKnife + TeleKnife(2-3 feet range)
  • SeeGhost
  • FastDefuse
  • NoFallDmg
  • FastJump(u jump fast in stairs, boxes, etc)
  • JumpLandedSpeed(u dont slowdown when u land form a jump)

How To Use

  1. Download  (Undetected injector included)
  2. Inject both SndDrv.dll and SndDrv2.dll(for gun sound) be sure to run injector as admin
  3. Enjoy!


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