Mission Against Terror MAT Hack Download [ Aimbot, Wallhack, God Mode + More ]


1) Download WinZip, or WinRar. ( Googel it)
2) Extract the Hack.
3) Run the hack as Administrator
4) It ask for your MAT.exe go to your MAT installation folder i guess ProgramFiles/Subagames/Matonline/System/MAT.exe
4) Enjoy your game.

END = Acces Menu
INSERT = Acces Console



Auto Aim
Auto Fire
Bone Predence (Where the AutoFire shoots/ HEAD or Root)
Friendly Fire
Latency Correction ( I dont know what this do, Sorry)
Indicator Wallhack
Wallframe (Player Chams)
Random Name (0001100 or 100000 or 10010010 etc.
Choose a name
Gravity (Fly in the air, Bunnyhop)
Shield (Godmode, NEW”’ now godmode works in all game modes not only ALmode. (Only almode mummies dont work)
Player Scale (Dont know what this mean, Sorry)

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