Real Combat Arms Hack V2 || Weapon Spawner, Lifetaker, Aimbot, Wallhack and More

[Ordered 1-5]
Hack bar – Select the windows you want to open here.
Window – Drag the windows around by dragging on the title bar. Close the window by clicking the “X”.
Save/Load – Save and load all the selected features for easy use.
Search Bar – Search for a weapon since the list is so big.
Weapon Hotkeys – Assign the selected weapon to the hotkey 7 ,8, 9, or 0 (not numpad)

[Info About Lifetaker]
To enable lifetaker, go to Remotekill and click the left arrow till it says “Lifetaker”.
It should Spawn Hands in your Knife slot.
switch to the hands then attack, works best with rapidfire.
Take breaks after every 100 kills or you will crash to desktop.

[Info About Weapon Spawning]
You cannot spawn more than 4 items PER SLOT, PER LIFETIME. For example, Spawning 5 grenades will cause room crash.
You cannot scope on spawned guns. You can however pickup a gun on the ground and re-pickup your spawned gun to allow scope.

[Extra Info]
To achieve a “Ghost Aim / Always Hit” outcome, Simply enable Remotekill and use Visible only, and Method Xhair.
To Control Ghostmode use the keys {I,J,K,L}.
Make sure you check the config and set hotkeys.
To use the spammer you need to create a file called “spam.ini” on C:\ and write your message on the first line.
Shop Key is for Weapon Stack.

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