Wallhack and Aimbot v1.2 for Modern Warfare 3 MP

* Wallhack (Box ESP)
* Aimbot
* Aim Prediction
* Aim Key
* External Configuration File (‘config.txt’)
* Fully External

* Smoother aiming
* Fixed problems when aiming at close range targets
* Added warning when enemy is behind you

* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multi-Player  (Steam)
* Windows XP
* Windows 7

Detection Status
* VAC: Undetected (as of 22/03/2012)

1. Download ‘ExtWallAimv12stefsot.zip’ (link below)
2. Extract the archive’s contents
3. Configure ‘config.txt’ to your liking (details on how to do so contained in the file)
4. Start Modern Warfare 3 MP
5. Set the game to ‘Windowed’/’Windowed (No Border)’ mode (under ‘Options’ > ‘Video’)
6. ‘Alt+Tab’ back to the Desktop
7. Run ‘Mw3 by stefsot v1.2.exe’ (as administrator)
8. Return to Modern Warfare 3
9. Enter an online match
10. Use the Aim Key to lock on to enemy players
11. Enjoy!

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