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will u emulator for pc and mac

Use the latest Nintendo Wii U Emulator software to play WiiU games on Windows 7 or Vista PC, Mac OS X and Linux. It is a known fact that the Wii gaming console given to us by Nintendo, gives a fun game play – loved by children and adults alike with its motion controls that only Nintendo Wii can give. It can be played by a number of people, and is the very first gaming console with its next generation gaming capabilities and in 2006, the gaming industry’s very first major home console.


  1. Download Wii U Emulator
  2. Install Wii U Emulator
  3. Setup Options and Controllers
  4. Play Games

If you think that Wii can’t get any better than it already is, then you’re going to love and enjoy Wii U. The Wii U console is pretty much like the Wii itself, but only better as Wii U its wide range of capabilities and chances that you’ve never thought of while you game happens with the Nintendo Wii U! Like video calling, tablet sketches, watching videos of play through’s and browsing through the internet. IF you think you still need to get off your gaming console at home just to do all these things, with the Wii U – you don’t have to!

The Wii U emulation gaming console has something for everyone! Even if you aren’t a gamer yourself, you’re sure to enjoy and be addicted to this Nintendo invention! The Wii U controller is the most exciting part of the console of course, with its smörgåsbord technology and the touch screen feature found in the middle of your tablet sized controller. Because of the 6.2 inch touch screen on the Wii U emulator controller, you can play your game with in a different point of view using the Wii U controller, and even use it as a sight when you attach the Nintendo Wii U controller to a Wii gun remote as you play a shooting game. For artists who are also gamers, here’s the best part. Because of the touch screen that Wii U has, you have the chance and the opportunity to use this as your own pen tablet while working on a new art work through the help you’re your WiiU controller!

The Wii U emu controller doesn’t only allow you to look through your game from the television set down to the controller like a Nintendo DS but it also gives you the chance to go through the gaming websites and watch video game walk throughs with the help of the WiiU controller. First it comes as a controller, and then a tablet – now it’s a hand held PC. The Wii U emulator gives you the opportunity to go through the World Wide Web and enjoy vlogs and videos just like any other computer would. The WiiU has proven itself versatile with so many capabilities that only the Wii U can give you.

With the Emulator of Wii U controller, you can connect one to four Wiimotes as you play and enjoy a certain game. You are sure to enjoy the game play of the Wii U controller, as you not only move your analog stick but your whole body as well for the game to be played. The Nintendo WiiU gives a whole body experience so not only does your mind immerse in the game – but so does your body, and that’s what gamers want and what they really dream off while going through a certain game!

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Wii U Emulator

Wii U Emulator

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